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My Mandala practice bought me back to my paint brush and a long ignored urge to paint and express my own visual language in my own way, beyond influence. 

When a catastrophic fire event burnt it's way through our region in 2015, we were among the lucky ones to have the fire edge stop a couple of kilometres down the road. So blessed to be untouched physically, something shifted in me emotionally, and i found it difficult to create my mandalas and interact with the environment around me as I had just days before. I wondered what seeds may sprout from the experience, like native seeds that only sprout under intense fire burn. For me, as it turned out, I instinctively picked up my paint brush and an expression flowed from me that i had always felt, but could never muster the self belief to allow, until that moment.

My painting is expressive, spontaneous and raw. I often paint on masonite, taking me back to my childhood in my parents paint shop. Moving the paint around unplanned, responding to my sense of things and patterns in my minds eye, I overlay coat after coat until a certain resonance is reached, in tune with where I'm at. My aim is to stop just in time so the painting remains open and alive, in celebration of imperfection, verging on unfinished, as a nod to the ongoing creation of life itself.

My current series of paintings are on show at Fleur Social and Artisans of Barossa