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My Story


Welcome to Self Pollinate. A playful but powerful record of my personal art practice of nature mandala making. My work is spontaneous, ephemeral & organic, made & photographed in the natural light of the moment. 

I live on a 10 acre vineyard property in the Barossa Valley with my husband & 2 young daughters, surrounded by & exposed to the seasonal elements. Foraging is the norm & the verandah is often scattered with remnants of play dates past. The original Mandalas, only experienced by my family & I, are left to dissolve into the ebb & flow of nature after a photograph captures the essence of each given moment. 

As a kid I would wander around the garden & my parents country property for hours on end, following lines of ants, making landscaped mini gardens from plants & petals, watching the crows nest in the trees, cats always close by. Thirty years later, blessed to still be able to roam the same garden, as well as my own, I come back to my creative nature through spontaneous play & instinctive action towards the ever changing seasons. The result is an evolving body of organic ephemeral mandalas, given new life through museum grade fine art prints that embody insight, connection & joy. A portal for feelings, memories & the innate emotional connection with nature & oneself, drawing both maker & viewer into the present moment.

Printed by Atkins Photo Lab in Adelaide with fine art pigment Inks on acid free archival textured paper, Self Pollinate prints are museum grade Giclee/Fine Art Pigment Prints, limited in edition & designed to be treasures. 

I hope my Mandala prints bring as much joy to your home as they have to my life. Janelle.